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training for the athlete in all of us

J'aime Fitness is an intimate training studio in Fairmount offering athletic, performance enhanced and structured fitness sessions. 

Our philosophy aims to instill passion, commitment and enthusiasm back into the athlete in all of us. So whether you are a current or former athlete, or just want to train like one, J'aime Fitness can help. 

The unique background of our coaches, coupled with their vast fitness expertise, assure safe and effective results. In every session, you can expect uncompromising quality in fitness instruction to meet the health needs of our athletes. 


Meet Our Coaches

Jaime Sutton

Getting involved in training started with Jaime's athletic career as a Junior Olympic Volleyball Club player in 1998. She then received an athletic scholarship to play at Division I Marist College in New York, and it continued intensely. In her four years at Marist, she fell in love with and learned the base of her fitness skills through regular personal athletic, cardiovascular and plyometric training.

After becoming an American Council on Exercise (ACE) certified Personal Trainer and Aerobics and Fitness Association of America (AFAA) Group Exercise Instructor, Jaime worked at Philadelphia Sports Club. While there, she designed personalized fitness programs specializing in weight loss, strength training, cardiovascular improvement, sports conditioning, agility, plyometric training and more.

Over the years, Jaime continued improving her fitness skills working as a coach/head trainer for Liberty Belle Volleyball Club and designing client programs for Transformation Fitness and Life Sport Fitness. Her coaching experience continued while coaching high school volleyball and developing the teams pre-season conditioning program.

In February 2012, she decided to offer her unique athletic experience and extensive fitness knowledge to J'aime Fitness athletes.

LIsa Pettit

Lisa's passion for fitness came long before she made it her career. At 14 years old she was one of the first three females on the Haddonfield High School Cross Country team. Today, Lisa remains a local top competitor in road races and is currently training for her 20th marathon. Physical movement of any kind makes her happy!!

Sixteen years ago, Lisa left her corporate position in Human Resources to enjoy being home with her children and pursue a fitness career as a Spin and Bootcamp instructor, and later, as an ACE certified Personal Trainer. Tailoring a full body circuit workout is her specialty to insure clients reap the benefits of combining cardio vascular with muscle toning moves. Motivating and educating clients to adopt healthful behaviors and reach fitness milestones are what inspires Lisa as a coach at J'aime Fitness.

Jimmy Sutton

Jimmy has always been passionate about fitness and athletics and believes in a holistic approach to health. His active lifestyle of basketball, running, water sports, winter sports and more reflects that passion.

Jimmy's fitness career began while playing Division I basketball at Marist College. His commitment to sports led to training and coaching basketball at numerous Division III schools, including: Keystone College, Penn State University The Behrend College and Hamilton College. While coaching, his duties included creating and overseeing the strength and conditioning programs of his teams.

Over seven years ago, his wife Jaime started her own business (J'aime Fitness) with Jimmy's help. Over two years ago, they opened their first training studio in Fairmount and decided to make it a family business. Now an ACE Certified Personal Trainer and business partner, Jimmy has enjoyed running the business and creating a fun atmosphere for his athletes. 


Joe Riley graduated from Kutztown University, where he majored in Leisure and Sports Studies and minored in Coaching and Athletic Administration with a specialization in Health Promotion and Fitness Administration. 

Since becoming an Action certified personal trainer and an ASEP certified coach, Joe continued his professional personal training experience at both Retro Fitness and Blink Fitness. His past experience also includes working as the assistant strength and conditioning coach of the Kutztown University football team, a high school track and field coach, and a middle school football coach. His clients have ranged from 14 to 74 years old and have spanned over various fitness levels including beginners, athletes, new mothers, brides-to-be and even prospective American Ninja Warriors.

As an athlete himself, Joe is passionate about working to improve his performance and the performance of others. He strives to make exercise fun and focuses on creating custom plans for each of his clients. 


Know that training programs can be personalized to anyone, from those learning the basics to someone improving on advanced knowledge. So don't let your current fitness level hold you back. Being successful in reaching any fitness goal isn't just about the person, it's about the program. Through J'aime FITNESS, I'll offer practical knowledge in designing personalized and successful training programs to benefit anyone, regardless of age, gender or fitness level.


our strategy focuses on four core dimensions:

 Strength/Resistance Training
   Cardiovascular Training
   Flexibility Training
   Nutritional Balance


Services include:

Free start-up fitness consultation and evaluation
1 hour private sessions

1 hour partner sessions

Advantages of J'aime FITNESS services: 

American Council on Exercise (ACE) Certified

Aerobics and Fitness Association of America (AFAA) Certified

National Strength and Conditioning Association (NSCA) Certified

American Aerobics Association International and International Sports Medicine Association (AAAI/ISMA) Certified

Personalized program design 

One-on-one and group sessions 

Nutritional Counseling

Private Studio in Fairmount

Flexible scheduling



running group

The Summer program will meet every Monday and Wednesday morning at 6:30 a.m. beginning Monday, July 16th and ending Wednesday, September 5th.

The class is geared towards running beginners but open to all those looking to improve their running time, form and exercises. The program goal will be to run the 9/11 Heroes Run on September 8th at 9 AM at the Navy Yard. A J'aime Fitness team has already been registered, you can find it here!

Of course, our fearless running leader Carole Jones will be instructing. Carole is a 22 marathon veteran who has multiple age group wins in Broad Street and the Army 10 miler as well as a Boston Marathon PR of 3:30:08. 

For all eight weeks (16 classes total), price is $160. Race registration not included.

Below is a link to join. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to ask. 

J'aime Fitness Summer Running Class



J'aime Fitness Bootcamps will continue in July! Our bootcamps are designed to provide a positive group fitness atmosphere and are a great addition to help reach your personal fitness goals. 

Bootcamp is every Tuesday and Thursday evening from 6:30 - 7:30 PM. 

Bootcamp July 3 - July  31

$99 (9 Classes)




"I've been working individually with Jaime for 10 months. Although I was in very good shape when we began, I wanted to take my fitness to the next level, and working with Jaime I have certainly accomplished that. In fact, I've been able to do things that I didn't think I was capable of doing. Jaime is thoughtful and prepared, and flexible. I've been very impressed by her ability to work around various injuries that I have experienced and limitations that I have. Finally, she's a lovely person and a pleasure to work with."

Michael Lieberman | Personal Training

"Jaime is a highly skilled, professional trainer and she's very fun to work with! I've noticed marked improvement in my strength, agility, endurance and overall fitness thanks to her creative, interesting, and challenging workouts. Jaime will push you as much or as little as you want. She designs custom workouts to fit your needs, interests, and goals. I highly recommend her."

Perri S | Personal Training

"As a typical weekend warrior, I always thought it was OK to sit at my desk all week and then hop on a bike, go for a hike, play softball, etc. My muscles had a different idea. I joined a gym, many gyms in fact, but never went. Jaime changed all that. She showed me how to incorporate exercise into my daily routine, without fancy machines or gadgets. I am not ready to say I look forward to our sessions but they are filled with pleasant conversation and I continue to make the sessions part of my week so she must be doing something right. Seriously, she's the best."

Howard M Soloman, Esq | Personal Training

When I started working with Jaime, I was out of shape and knew nothing about proper nutrition and the correct way to work out. With her help I've lost 10 pounds (and am still losing) and have noticed a remarkable difference in my strength. I'm also more mindful of my diet and feel the healthiest I have in years. I hate to work out, and Jaime has done a great job of motivating me and making our workouts enjoyable."      

Leigh Sperun | Personal Training  

"I've always been an athlete but it's so easy to get stuck in a rut, doing the same activities all the time. Jaime keeps her workouts fun and different, changing things up just enough to keep you on your toes while also maintaining a familiar format so that you actually feel like you're accomplishing something and getting stronger. She's tough but not scary, and really cares about all of her clients. She makes sure you're doing it right, not just going through the motions, and she's always willing to answer questions and offer modifications, which makes her popular with clients of every age and ability."

Lauren Rumsey | Group Training 

"I attend Jaime's class twice a week to infuse intense core and weight training into my fitness routine. Jaime's workouts are the perfect combination of cardio and strength training. She uses exercises that not only target specific muscle groups, but easily scale up and down to accommodate different fitness levels. Jaime is adept at providing individual attention and instruction, even while guiding a full class of 20+ people. She's always introducing me to new exercises and provides advice on how to realistically integrate them into my workouts outside of class."

Meg Fayen | Group Training 


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