Bootcamp is a great mix of HIIT training, including strength, agility, plyometric, cardio and core exercises. Each class is designed to challenge your cardiovascular and muscular fitness using an array of equipment and body weight movements for a variety of exercises. This cross training class will increase your heart rate by incorporating anything from traditional dumbbells, medicine balls, body bars and jump ropes to kettlebells, battle ropes, Bosu balls and Concept Ergs. This combination of equipment and movement provides the ultimate full-body workout in 45 minutes.


Barre classes incorporate small, controlled movements with light weights, resistance bands, body weight and a ballet bar to sculpt and strengthen muscles. Using elements of Pilates, sculpting, yoga, dance and ballet this mix of low-impact/high-repetition movements and isometric holds focuses on core stability, form, muscular endurance and improved posture. You can expect a 45 minute challenging and effective total body workout.


Our TRX class is a form of functional training that uses body weight movement and equipment to develop strength, endurance, balance, coordination, flexibility and core stability simultaneously. The TRX Suspension Trainer allows participants to progress through multiple levels of intensity at their own pace. The TRX RIP Trainer pairs a weighted bar & bungee system to emphasize every degree in range of motion exercises. Both systems working together will maximize your results in this 45 minute class.

Strength & Conditioning

Our Strength & Conditioning class is designed to increase physical strength through progressive weight-bearing and resistance exercises while also incorporating sports agility and conditioning movements. Members will benefit from a focus on form and building power through both low/high repetitions and heavy weights. So whether you're a current or former athlete, or just want to train like one, this 50 minute muscle builder will leave you feeling energized and powerful.

Baby & Me

At the heart of Baby & Me, we plan to help new(ish) parents take back some time for themselves, while still bonding with their little one. As a new parent, it's important to keep connections with others and continue to feel part of a community, while also making time for health goals. Benefits to the kiddos include exposure to new movements, people, sights, sounds and more which improves developmental, visual, auditory, physical and tactile growth. There is no child age requirement, but we ask that no "walkers" attend. This 45 minute class is flexible by nature and will work on simplified full body movements that involve baby.


Our 30 minute core class is a great stand-alone or add-on to any of our class offerings. This focused workout is designed to build core balance and stability through exercises targeting abdominal muscles, hips, back and glutes.

Stretch & Alignment

The Stretch & Alignment class focuses on flexibility and intentional use of breath to restore and strengthen muscles. Flowing sequences, deep stretches and restorative poses work to release physical tension while creating mindfulness and balance through engaging breath work. In 45 minutes, members will loosen muscles, improve circulation, range of motion and alignment.

Dance Body Moves

Set to a playlist of new and favorite hits, this workout combines easy to follow low impact dance routines with bodyweight strength training. Think the choreography to Beyonce’s “Single Ladies” with pushups and squats in this 45 minute class! Suitable for all fitness levels.